Hell on Earth: The Seventh Seal

Session 14: Forever-U Incorporated

  • Encounter with Ted Turner and Jane Fonda→thawed out heads stuck onto automaton bodies.
  • A Demonic Bargain: Bubba agrees to sell out the Happy Hills Tribe to get what he wants: automatons under his command to take revenge on the Roadkill Boyz.
  • The Pied Piper from Hell: The Happy Hills Children are Captured by the Forever U celebrities.
  • A Shootout at the Overpass, John Tanks Intervenes to collect a bounty on Bubba for the Reborn City Council.
  • Andie: the latest voice in Grimey’s head.
  • Bubba is Put Down with plans for Rehabilitation. (Templars, Boise)
  • Virgil Hicks (Reborn Militia Elite) joins the Posse.
  • Back to the Ruins, attacked by Freeze-Dried Zombies.
  • The Forever-U Celebrity Centre. Seeing Henry Winkler’s infomercial presentation.
  • Grimey’s frightened by Cleaning Robots, shots in anger bring about a star-studded response.

On the Matter of Celebrities: It’s unclear if the posse knows their opposition used to be famous. These people were at the height of their fame almost a hundred years ago. This may be more a joke for the audience than anyone else.



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