Hell on Earth: The Seventh Seal

Session 16

  • A new posse member: Soap-Box preacher Brother Geiger jumps into a fire-fight to save Reborners from mutants with the wrong ideas about “The Glow”.
  • Verdell Jackson offers the posse a job: recon the settlement at Butte and see what holding up his dry-goods supplies.
  • Travel by car to Butte
  • The settlement appears empty, save for the church where singing is heard. (strange voices at the gate).
  • Church lights and voices are illusions?
  • The Graveyard: Zombies and a Weeping Ghost.
  • Strange Visions: Wedding Dresses, Suicide
  • Town folk seemed to have suffered drinking irradiated water.
  • Knife throwing ghost in the militia office.
  • Radiation Wraith hiding in the well!
  • The Dead Tree outside of down: Is that someone being hanged?
  • Finding the dead man’s remains in the trash heap nearby…and the voracepede curled up around them.
  • To be continued…



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